Los Desterrados (The Uprooted) Charcoal 22×30

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In 1949 Los Angeles, California’s Chavez Ravine comprised of 3 Hispanic communities (La Loma, Bishop and Palo Verde). Using the law of Eminent Domain, the poor communities were evicted with the plan to construct (24) 13 story apartments and (160) 2 story townhomes in addition to playgrounds, schools and a college. Instead Dodger Stadium was constructed by removing the ridges and filling in the ravine with 8 million cubic yards of soil simply burying the local Palo Verde Elementary school. As a Pasadena Art Center class assignment, 18 year old Don Normark captured the life of Chavez Ravine. This young boy is one of Los Desterrados.

Clyde L Schroeder

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