Ishy Squishy

Call for Price

Not Afraid of Pawnee
(Padani Kokipi Sni)
Charcoal 22×30

Lakota Keepers of the Sacred Pipestone

Dark rich red where so many lie.
Their blood seeped down into the stone.

Rain spattered faces in mourning they cry.
Windswept whispers to those they atone.

Clyde Schroeder


Photo by Delancey Walter Gill (1859-1940)
Photo Taken March 1905
Yankton Lakota Sioux



All our attempts to entertain.
TV, Movies and computers immersing the brain.

Go carts, trampoline, dirt bikes to toss.
What next to buy is a total loss.

Board games, Barbies, fireworks too.
All we have done what more to do.

Search out more don’t be a dud.
What gives them joy is a puddle of mud.

Clyde L Schroeder