Empty Nest

Call for Price

In 1949 Los Angeles, California’s Chavez Ravine comprised of 3 Hispanic communities (La Loma, Bishop and Palo Verde). Using the law of Eminent Domain, the poor communities were evicted with the plan to construct (24) 13 story apartments and (160) 2 story townhomes in addition to playgrounds, schools and a college. Instead Dodger Stadium was constructed by removing the ridges and filling in the ravine with 8 million cubic yards of soil simply burying the local Palo Verde Elementary school. As a Pasadena Art Center class assignment, 18 year old Don Normark captured the life of Chavez Ravine. This young boy is one of Los Desterrados.

Clyde L Schroeder



Charcoal 22×30

Wind frayed and tattered
Once held bright speckled eggs warmed by mother’s breast.
Cracked shell opened chirping fledgling.
lurching and grappling for every insect gulp.
Flapping wings in crowded nest.
Preparation for first awkward flight.
Now soaring on firm wing free to come and go.
Seldom return. Now Gone.

Clyde L Schroeder