Commissioned Sculpture/sign for Spanish Peaks Tourism Board


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Clyde Schroeder is an architectural firm based in Pueblo, Colorado that has been helping Southern Colorado businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, and individuals translate dreams into forms and spaces for over 30 years.

Recent Projects

Yellow Pine Lodge

Yellow Pine

The lodge was constructed next to the Cucharas River in the Valley with views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range. The lodge provides ample room for large family and group gatherings. The central stair was designed with a large center tree trunk which goes from floor to second floor ceiling. Huge windows bring in light and dramatic vistas wherever you are in the lodge.

Lord and Oguz Custom Home

Client desire was to have a home that had the flavor of a traditional farmstead. This was a phased construction project where the Guest House and garage were first constructed. House with connector being later added. Home was situated to capture the view of the magnificent Spanish Peaks.

Aguilar Mercantile Renovation

The Aguilar Mercantile at 137 East Main Street in Aguilar, Colorado was boarded and neglected and in need of major renovation. The client has proposed to create a mercantile and convenience store with gasoline pumps to the east of the structure. Renovation has been in keeping with the 1910 character of the existing structure.

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